In 1989, a church emergency prompted PhoneTree founder A.J. DiBianca to create the first automated messaging system. Since then, PhoneTree has been the leader in automated calling and messaging. Their complete messaging suite ranges from onsite to online options that allow you to deliver accurate, highly customizable calls, texts and emails quickly, easily and affordably. And today, they proudly serve over 25,000 customers from faith-based organizations, to healthcare providers, to businesses and more.

PhoneTree hired 336 Creative to redesign and redevelop their website. Their old website was somewhat outdated and lacked visual interest and calls to action. To rectify this, we worked with PhoneTree and their IA team to perform a complete overhaul of not only the site organization and navigation structure, but also put together a plan for including various calls-to-action throughout the site. On top of this, the site was built in a completely modular fashion. This allows the PhoneTree team to continuously add new pages to the site as they please, and then build these pages module by module, which helps to make the layout of each page unique and different, all while maintaining a look and feel that is on brand.